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Washing uniforms with great ease

Government branches or public services often require the use of uniforms. These uniforms also need regular cleaning. The combination of the right dryer and a good washing machine will offer you perfectly clean laundry. A semi-industrial dryer also offers several advantages over a household dryer. There is a sharp reduction in the drying cycle time. Much attention has also been paid to the ergonomics of the user. The large door opening ensures that the linen can be easily loaded and unloaded from the drum.

Energy saving

Your machine can be equipped with a function (standard feature in certain machines) that monitors residual humidity. This prevents over-drying and ensures lower energy consumption and a longer life of the linen. A gas-operated machine has a much lower energy consumption in comparison to an electrical dryer. We also offer dryers with heat pump technology, which offer you even lower energy consumption. Are you looking for a machine that is suitable for the urban, school, police and military sectors? If so, please do examine our modified offer. Or perhaps you are looking for an even larger model? Feel free to send us an e-mail at