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Food service establishment

Squeaky clean accounting - and squeaky clean laundry!

We have an ideal solution to get your tablecloths, napkins or bed sheets back into perfect condition. After all, your linen is crucially important for the image of your business. Your linen has to endure a lot, but you still want it to have a long service life. This is perfectly possible - provided you use the right equipment and detergents. We can also support you in this. So you and your customer always enjoy a perfectly set table or made bed.

You will also reduce energy consumption

The machines we offer have energy-saving functions. Among other things, we have a function that weighs the laundry and adjusts the amount of water accordingly. This technology guarantees you excellent washing results, lower energy consumption, while optimising productivity and minimising operating costs. A lower water bill - and yet clean laundry.

Stubborn stains

You often have to deal with stubborn stains in your sector. Your customer spills red wine or olive oil on your beautiful table linen, or wipes bright red lipstick on your napkin. You will of course want the next customer to sit at an impeccable table, but this is not always that simple. With professional machines, this worry can be a thing of the past. Removing stains is also partly a chemical reaction, but your machine can help with this.

Hotels & B&B

The towels and bed linen in your Bed & Breakfast or hotel contribute to the value assessment of the customer and thus to the reputation of your business. That is why it is essential that they are cleaned with care. Outsourcing the linen is often expensive. And washing linen in a household machine is often quite a challenging task. Towels in particular absorb a lot of water and your machine cannot spin them properly. With a semi-industrial machine you can wash larger pieces of textile and take on larger washing loads. A semi-industrial machine also offers a much higher spin speed than a household machine, due to which the linen have a lower residual moisture content. This will help your linen dry faster, without any loss of quality in your linen. Professional washing equipment from LDL will drastically reduce the time you spend on your laundry.