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Do you like to pamper your customers?

You create an atmosphere of peace and harmony where your customer can fully relax. This of course includes soft towels and bathrobes. Since each customer may require several towels, you will probably also have a lot of laundry on your hands. And washing linen in a household machine is often quite a challenging task. Towels in particular absorb a lot of water and your machine cannot spin them properly. A professional or industrial washing machine offers many advantages over a household washing machine. It accommodates more laundry, washes the linen faster, and also has a much longer service life. The linen will also have a low residual moisture content, due to a better spinning process. The drying process dries your linen faster, without your linen losing any of its quality. Fresh, soft towels are certainly possible thanks to LDL.

The ideal combination

Combine your LDL washing machine with a professional dryer and LDL detergents. This will ensure an optimal result, and your linen will also quickly be ready for re-use once again.

You will also reduce energy consumption

The machines we offer have energy-saving functions. Among other things, we have a function that weighs the laundry and adjusts the amount of water accordingly. This technology guarantees you excellent washing results, lower energy consumption, while optimising productivity and minimising operating costs. A lower water bill - and yet clean laundry.