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Health care

You take good care of people, we ensure your laundry is clean

LDL offers various solutions to make your laundry spotlessly clean. You offer professional care, why should your laundry be any less immaculate? We offer solutions for large as well as small loads. The clothing of your employees also deserves proper care.

Because hygiene is extremely important

You take various measures to ensure hygiene and prevent cross-contamination. So why not ensure the same for your laundry? We offer hygienic washing machines. The dirty linen is kept separated from the clean linen. So you can be sure of perfectly hygienic washing. Cleaning also often involves the removal of stubborn stains such as stools or body fluids. You are expected to be able to always guarantee perfect hygiene. Removing stains is also partly a chemical reaction, but your machine can help with this.

Mops & microfibre cloths

Careful cleaning of mops and microfibre cloths used each day to clean floors and workplaces is also extremely important to ensure a more efficient cleaning process. These items are often very difficult to clean. The textile is designed to retain dirt, but unfortunately this also applies to the washing process. Microfibre is designed to remove dirt extremely efficiently, but after saturation, it always requires high temperature washing in order to reactivate this characteristic. Cleaning a large number of mops and microfibre cloths may also clog your drains. An industrial machine with lint trap can prevent this. The dirty drainage water is first passed through a filter before being released into the drain. This filters out the largest dirt particles from the water. The lint trap can easily be removed and emptied.

Fastening material

Fastening material must of course also be cleaned. Material containing magnets and/or velcro requires gentle but thorough cleaning. This must also be done appropriately, in order to ensure that the material can be reused several times.

SOP: cleaning of patient room following discharge

In a hospital, the SOP (post-discharge patient room cleaning) team is busy on a daily basis. One or several microfibre cloths and mops are often used to clean each room. Since the SOP team requires support consisting of appropriate cleaning material in adequate quantities, you will probably need a washer and dryer to wash all the cleaning products for the next day. This happens much faster if an industrial machine and dryer is used. This will ensure that the team can quickly start working on the next room.

You will also reduce energy consumption

The machines we offer have energy-saving functions. Among other things, we have a function that weighs the laundry and adjusts the amount of water accordingly. This technology guarantees you excellent washing results, lower energy consumption, while optimising productivity and minimising operating costs. A lower water bill - and yet clean laundry.